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After surviving years of trauma and leaving a broken marriage, I found myself building a career in my 30's as an amateur independent adult actress to get back on my feet. I became an instant success and have been blessed to be able to focus on healing through the support of my amazing fans. In the last 6 years I've undergone a lot of positive changes and finally have been able to transition from a life of surviving to thriving. It's been an amazing journey. 


Doing adult work gave me my power back. I don't believe our sexuality is anything to be ashamed of nor do I believe people who do the work should be stigmatized in society. Work is work. A lot of us are single parents, artists, disabled, empowered or just your average humans surviving in a capitalistic society. Adult work gave me a sense of freedom I've never experienced in your typical 9-5.

Over the last 16 years I've become increasingly passionate about various holistic healing practices and metaphysics. After going plant based in 2005 and experiencing 2 amazing homebirths shortly after I knew living a natural, holistic lifestyle was my passion and true calling. I became a yoga teacher in 2010 to remedy the depression and anxiety I felt looming over me most my life. I've taken reiki, meditation and chakra classes with some wonderful healers over the years. I've experienced a shamanic healing, theta healing, reiki healing and past life regression. Practicing tarot and channeling are two of my favorite pastimes currently and of course plant based cooking and creating.

I love making people feel good and showing them how to heal themselves. I believe in spreading love whenever we can and speaking our truth. 


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