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Born and raised in sin city. I found myself building a career at 30 as an independent adult actress to get back on my feet after living in survival mode for most of my life.


I quickly became a success with some hard work, determination and a lot of luck.


I've been able to focus on healing, because of the support of my amazing fans. In the last 6 years I've undergone a lot of positive changes and finally have been able to transition from a life of surviving to thriving. It's been an amazing journey.

Doing adult work gave me my power back. I don't believe our sexuality is anything to be ashamed of nor do I believe people who do this work should be stigmatized in society.


Work is work.


A lot of us are single parents, artists, disabled, empowered or just your average humans surviving in a capitalistic society.

Adult work has given me a sense of freedom I've never experienced in your typical 9-5.

I've survived the worst and come out on top. 

I'll always be grateful for having found this path and having the support of so many wonderful people around the world.

These days if I'm not busy creating for my fans, I spend my time outside, doing yoga, practicing tarot and other metaphysical mediums, writing, reading, cooking plant food, playing with my kitties, exploring the world around me and enjoying every moment. Life is short and beautiful.

I hope you find something you enjoy here, visit my links and store or email me for custom work. 

Thanks for stopping by!

<3 Alex